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1946 WILLYS-OVERLAND JEEP 1953 Jeep Hurricane 134 CI 4-cylinder engine replacing the flathead engine Replaced starter, carburetor, fuel pump, fuel lines, gas tank and water pump 3-speed manual transmission 4-wheel drive For more information, please visit mecum.com.
1949 WILLYS-OVERLAND JEEPSTER CONVERTIBLE 1949 Willys-Overland Jeepster VJ VJ 2.4L Inline 6 L-Head 3-Speed Manual with Overdrive RWD SUV Luzon RedWHOLESALE DIRECT - Road Tested Only - Available 3rd Party Inspection - Auction Pricing.Seller Disclosure -This vehicle is being sold with one key. Additional key may be available at added cost WeBe Autos Specializes in Marketing and Advertising Muscle, Classic, Vintage and Specialty Cars. We offer Professional Photography, HD Movies, and Staging that Sells Cars. Let us showcase and sell your s
1949 WILLYS-OVERLAND JEEPSTER The Willys company was contracted to build military jeeps for the third world war. Approximately 360,000 vehicles were produced by 1945. The CJ model, which stands for Civilian Jeep, did not have civilian appeal as it was still very much a utility vehicle. After the war, the Willys-Overland company began to resume civilian models. To get more curb appeal, the Jeepster was introduced. In 1948, VJ-12 was introduced. There were only 10,326 of the 1948 Jeepsters produced. Unfortunately, the companys
1923 OVERLAND 92 SERIES RED BIRD 1923 Overland 92 Series Red Bird The Willys-Overland story starts with the foundation of Overland in 1902. The name for the car was decided over a coffee break one day during the fall of 1902 by Charles Minshall, president of the Standard Wheel Company of Terre Haute, and Claude E Cox, who had just graduated from the Ross Polytechnic Institute in town. Their experience in the automobile field was limited to Cox's senior thesis project for a four-wheeler derived from a motorized tricycle. Des
1912 OVERLAND 59 T FORE DOOR TOURING 1912 Overland 59T Fore Door Touring When Claude Cox was in his senior year at Rose Polytechnic Institute, a small private college with a program in engineering, he made a three wheel vehicle for his senior year thesis. In 1902, Cox met with Charles Minshall, the owner of Standard Wheel Company of Terre Haute, Indiana. Minshall was interested in building an automobile but didn't know how to build one. Cox seemed to have the knowledge so Minshall hired him to head Standard Wheels' new automobi
1923 WILLYS-OVERLAND MODEL 91 Folks forget that in the early days of motoring, there were a lot more cars than just the Model T. This handsome 1923 Willys-Overland Model 91 Sedan is far more advanced, powerful, rugged, and stylish than the venerable T, all for a price that's about the same. If you like the idea of primitive stagecoach machines that still work as intended, this Overland 4-door is a great find. With so few of these of these Willys-Overlands left on Earth (there were never all that many produced at the Tole
1951 WILLYS-OVERLAND JEEP UNIVERSAL CJ-3A 1951 Willys-Overland Jeep “Universal” CJ-3A. Call Pete or Andy 419-668-1884. Holy Toledo! Exceptional Off Frame Restoration. Detailed Chassis. Finished in Cherokee Red. Black vinyl seating. White vinyl Kay Line Top. Powered by Jeep’s famous “Go-Devil” 134 cubic inch 4-cylinder engine which was rated at 54 horsepower. Three speed manual transmission. High Low Range 4 Wheel Drive. This Jeep is equipped with lots of great features and accessories. Passenger Seat. Rear Seat. Heater. Electric Windshi
1912 OVERLAND TORPEDO CONVERTIBLE 1912 Overland Torpedo Series 59 For Sale 4 Cylinder Engine with 4 Blocks 3 Speed Transmission Original Leather Interior US Title Contact Us For More Information and Pictures For Sale by Owner, and Located in France, Europe WeBe Autos Specializes in Marketing and Advertising Muscle, Classic, Vintage and Specialty Cars. We offer Professional Photography, HD Movies, and Staging that Sells Cars. Let us showcase and sell your specialty car. Please visit our website for more details. Keep in Touch, Mi