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1928 STUTZ BB BOATTAIL SPEEDSTER 1928 Stutz BB Boattail Speedster The Black Hawk was new Stutz chief Fred Moskovics' counterpoint to the Bearcat, the muscular and raucous brute of a machine Harry Stutz introduced before the First World War. What was right then was wrong now, Moskovics was convinced. The American sporting driver of the twenties wanted sophistication in addition to speed. A veteran of Franklin and Marmon, Moskovics refined the Stutz into the Vertical Eight (s.o.h.c., dual ignition, nine main bearings) with Sa
1921 STUTZ SERIES K 6-7 PASSENGER TOURER The Stutz slogan was 'The car that made good in a day'. This was a popular slogan and is still remembered by many even to this day. The title was adorned on Harry C Stutz in 1911 when his driver, Gil Anderson, placed 11th at the Indianapolis 500 an amazing accomplishment and one that immediately inspired sales. The car had been built in just five weeks and was the first automobile to bear the name 'Stutz'. At Indianapolis, it had averaged 110 km/h (about 68 mph) and was only beaten by vehicles w