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1981 DELOREAN DMC-12 4,234 actual miles. I have seen and sold several of these with very low miles. This is absolutely the cleanest one I've ever seen! We acquired this as part of a 25 car collection from an estate. There is an oil change sticker from Classic DeLorean Motor Car company in Texas. This car was at their shop, I'm assuming that's why the car is in such excellent condition. They probably went through the car. This is the sportier manual 5-speed version. The Delorean is more than just a car! It's a conver
1981 DELOREAN DMC-12 This 1981 Delorean DMC-12 is a well-maintained, low-mileage example of the car made famous by the Back to the Future movies! John DeLorean's most famous contribution to automobile history is likely going to depend on who you ask, whether that person is an old-timer or young whippersnapper. Most old-time motorheads would likely attribute the first muscle car, the GTO, to John DeLorean and his team of engineers at the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors. Younger folk are more likely to think