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1917 MAXWELL 25 Gateway Classic Cars of Dallas is excited to Present a near one-of-a-kind left, 1917 Maxwell Model 25. This type of American automotive history should probably be in a museum, but the seller is adamant that a new individual be able to enjoy its historical past. This Maxwell is an older restoration that has maintained the integrity of the originality and can be enjoyed immediately. Kept inside over the years. Tight front end Undercarriage very clean No prior or existing rust Brakes work fine All
1920 MAXWELL 1.5 TON TRUCK 1920 Maxwell 1.5 Ton Truck Benjamin Briscoe had started to finance Buick but gave that up in 1903 and then he decided to support Jonathan D. Maxwell and the Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Company was established. The Maxwell was a splendid little car with a two-cylinder water-cooled engine and it sold well from the start with the first ten cars being produced in 1904. A four-cylinder model joined the line in 1906 and twins and fours were produced through to 1913. New manufacturing facilities were set
1926 MAXWELL ROADSTER RARE PLASTIC CABLE OPERATED REVELLE TOY CAR When was the last time you saw one of these toys? This toy was made by Revelle Toys of Hollywood California that has a patent pending marking. We do not normally sell any of our toys, but this one is something we have decided to sell. It is an all plastic car modeled after a Model T Roadster but is a Maxwell Car, name molded on the radiator, and is in very good condition and still works. Most plastic toys are broken, so to find one like this that still works is rare. There is a cabl